I See Everything.

I walk across a crowded street
and make my way into a dimly lit shop. 


Across from me sits a man, 
invisible bloodshed on his hands 
and his head is bowed low 
as if to escape the shame
he feels for a crime he never committed. 

A girl is lost in the race to be thin,
in an imperfect world. 
She hates her body. 

I see the sleepless nights 
showing in the faces of the tired ones, 
stopping for more caffeine
in the daily races. 
I see people, lost. 
A great big world of bodies 
without souls. 

I want to crawl inside myself 
and escape 
because I see them,
And I hear their deafening, 
silent cries.
But I was born to say something, 
to touch people in some way…


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