He wrote words
to a lover,
he had never met,
and yet he knew…

But she was caught up
in a different lifetime.
And the weight of the world
from her eyes.

He kept writing
and prayed she would
lift her eyes to his…
That someday
she would
see him.

And one day she did.
But she wasn’t sure
she was looking at.
She almost looked away.

There was so much noise,
so many
to be heard.
And he was so quiet.
So tender.
She almost didn’t hear him
at all.

The louder the noise
the more distinct the silence,
and she walked away
to answer the call
of the quiet.
She walked away
to find its source.

And she met him
under whispering willow trees
where he sat
words from his soul.

Neither of them could breathe.

And no one needed to speak…
Their souls
were finally
in each other.

She touched the scars
across his heart,
she looked into his eyes
and she walked
his soul.

He wrapped his wings
around her
to keep out the cold,
to shield her,
and to just
hold her.

He closed his eyes
to keep the moment,
the memory
of this…
for this lifetime
and forever.


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