I remember the days
when we held each other
and danced like mad
and fell in love
even harder.

we stayed up with the moon
to speak
and to be spoken to.

I remember your touch
like heavenly fire and I
made you gasp
so uncontrollable your desire.

But something changed.
And these days
we are
worlds apart.
Your eyes look
so far away.
I am here,
you are here
and yet not here.

To bring you back
or to join you
wherever you have gone
and how this wish
aches in my chest
the nights
without sleep.
And I have tried
to find you
but wherever you have gone
you have gone
without me.

All that is here
are distant whispers
left behind
haunting the night
like lost ghosts.
on my world
weep of a day
that once was
When I had you
and you were


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