Dear You,

It’s foggy today because my thoughts are clouding the clear blue skies. I smell tears hanging in mid air. 

I wanted to speak to you but I had no words. I wanted to sing, but the cold came and took my voice. I wanted to smile but you took it with you.

If you look around, maybe you’ll find my dreams, here in there… Dancing endlessly where I released them. They were once the dreams of you and I. And now they are nothing more than an unheard cry.

I would go with you to the end of the earth. I would hold you when you are cold. I would laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry… I would be your everything.

But you were not looking for me. Something beyond… You wanted something bigger than I could ever be, and I only wanted you to want me.

And so with these tears I’ll sign my name on this unread page. And I will send you all the light and love the universe has to offer. 

I love you.




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