I’ll Fade.

I could try
that you didn’t
leave me…
that you didn’t say
And I could try
to fight for us,
but in my heart
I know
it would be
another battle
all alone.

I could try
that you cared
to whisper to my heart
when it was afraid
instead of looking
the other way.

I could try
that you will let me
into your world,
but we both know
you’re not ready.
You don’t want
this girl
with the heart
that is bloodied
by your name…
You don’t want her

So I’ll
go my way.
I will fade.
I’ll leave your name
in a soft place.

And someday
you will look back
and realize
the way I loved you
was not
an ordinary love,
and I was
no ordinary girl.


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