Even Still.

I loved you
when you laid flowers
at my feet
and brushed the hair
from my eyes.

I loved you
when you held me
not wanting to say goodbye
at midnight.

I loved you
when you made me laugh.

I loved the way your voice
filled my sky
with butterflies.
I loved the way you calmed
my deepest waters.

I loved you
when you claimed me
for your very own.

I loved you
when the storms came
and we hurt,
and bled rivers
on pure white snow.

I loved you
when we fell apart
and you turned away.
I loved you
when you broke me
and walked
into the abyss.
I cried.
And I loved you
even then
as you said

I loved you
when all the memories
into ashes.
I loved you
when I missed you
so much
I couldn’t breathe.

I love you
these days
when I see glimpses
of you
in the mists.
I love you
though our moments
have faded
like wisps of smoke
in the wind.
I love you
even still.


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