I love walking on the beach at sunset.
I love delicate flowers.
I love the smell of the sky just before rain.
I love walking through freshly-tilled damp earth.
I love the songs of birds.
I love watching clouds drift.
I love mint chocolates.
I love kissing passionately.
I love touching your arm when you don’t have words.
I love holding you when you’re sad.
I love being held.
I love feeling a soft breeze in my hair.
I love sitting in solitude and watching the trees.
I love iced caramel macchiatos.
I love the way the stars take my breath away every night.
I love looking at the face of innocence in a sleeping child.
I love the sound of rain.
I love the comfort of a crackling fire on a cold day.
I love snuggling under soft blankets.
I love abandoned trails.
I love candlelit baths.
I love tight hugs.
I love midnight conversations.
I love laughing over senseless things.
I love being in love so deeply that it aches.


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