Safe Haven. 

How do you fit 
an entire ocean in a cup 
or a heart full of thoughts 
into a conversation? 
How can you look at me 
and I at you 
but we are strangers,
and I have so much to say, 
but all my words 
are beyond my reach?

If at night 
I get lost 
looking at the stars,
maybe it’s because 
they always seem to know… 
Once upon a time 
I was home among them. 
I’m homesick for things I feel 
but can’t remember. 
And if I look at you 
and say nothing, 
it’s because my heart 
has too many words 
to let any of them out. 

 I just want to lay my head 
on your shoulder 
and feel your breath, 
and know that between two souls 
exists a safe haven. 


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