Save Me A Dream.

Our days melt together,
and I miss the nights
when we watched headlights
while I found warmth on your shoulder.

The seasons are changing
and I want to share
with you
the joys of cinnamon
when you taste my cherry lips…

But you’re so busy
and our nights together
are few and far between.

Tonight I’m spinning a little leaf
between my fingers,
and my mind feels like it’s
swirling through space.
Wherever you are,
dear one,
save me a dream.

I don’t need a promise
of something make-believe…
Just a dream.
One dream.
One night
where nothing and everything
breaks inside our sighs.
One dance on a hill
at sunrise,
while we let our laughter
spill over the valley.

And life is short,
and maybe tomorrow
is our last goodbye.
Just save me
one last dream.


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