Loud Heart. 

I want to tell you
about the stories
hidden in the stars
while you watch
with your thoughtful eyes
and hide
my loud heart
so you don’t know
how you make me ache
friend of mine.

I want to brush my face
against your cheek
and hide away
the summer sun
that dances
in my chest
at the feeling
of your heat. 

I want to listen
to your heartbeat,
and bury my longing
to feel your hands
finding my waist
and pulling me to you.

This craving
rising inside
my gypsy soul
must stay in it’s cage,
and you’ll never know
what you make me feel
when you say my name
in your
deep river
quiet voice.

I’ll laugh at life,
and cheer
at your victories.
And watch you with reverence
with my flower child
fairy eyes
and a garden of grace
blooming inside.

And quiet the echo,
the burning…
My prairie soul
in a cage.
my loud heart
calling your name. 

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