I hope you decide
to be kind
and stop and help
the person
that everyone else
has left behind.

I hope you decide
to push
for your dreams
a little harder
today, knowing
this could be the day
that wall breaks
and you are free.

I hope you decide
to love again,
and again,
and again…
I hope you never
give up on love.

I hope you allow
your heart
to be torn open
with the pain
of the world,
and I hope
during that process
you decide
to be the one
who makes a difference.

I hope that
in a world
full of gray hearts
you live with yours
on fire;
and when you’ve
reached the end
that you’ve
burned through life
laughing, giving, living,
until not a shred
is left,
and you leave this earth
in a blaze
of soul glory.

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